Breathe in acceptance, breathe out, let go

The two foundations for a happy life are acceptance and let go. Have plenty of acceptance in your heart for your choicest goals and also the obstructions that come along. You ‘ll realise the more you usher acceptance , the more your heart is willing to let go. Let go of opinions that give you no happiness. Opinions of yourself or of other people. Let go of your inhibitions, the hurt you are holding onto is only giving pain. Acceptance of one’s mistakes, past, incidences help one to more forward rather than being stagnant procrastinating and having a guilt party every now and then. Accept your past however painful or cheerful it might have been. Let go of memories that no longer serve your purpose. In every breath accept the fact you’re alive for a reason and let go of things that do not let you live to the fullest.

Karma never misses an address

Karma never misses an address. Whatever you put out is served back to you in some way or the other, in some time or the other. Cleanse your karma for your own good. Just because someone is readily accepting trash, doesn’t mean you have to too. Let people trash you, it’s their discretion. Just know the books of karma is always balanced. No debt ever goes unpaid. Choose happiness through good and pure karma. Let others choose whatever they wish too. Don’t mess us their karmic account, by judging them or telling them what to do, what not to. You never know if they are settling their balance or initiating a new equation to be settled later because karma never misses an address.

Make life simple

Life is simple. Stop complicating it by doubting, hating, stopping the unstoppable. Let it happen. Be ready and easy with the turns it takes. Be happy along the way. The more happy you are, happier you ‘ll be even in the future as you ‘ll attract what you intrinsically are! In this very moment be as happy, as you’d want yourself to be in the future of your dreams and soon your dreams will come true. Life is simple. You get what you put out. Put out your happy self and you ‘ll be rewarded more of that. Try it . Now . Make life simple.

Doomed to bloom

If they hurt you, it’s their choice. You don’t have to live upto their choice, reject their hatred or the pain they try to inflict on you. They think you’re as tender as a rose petal, let them know through your nevertheless happiness and strenght that indeed you are a rose petal but one which is made of gold. You are beauty with strenght. Don’t choose to be broken because they chose to break you. Instead be stronger than ever, distance yourself with toxic people and only have room for strenght and beauty in your life. That is what it takes to bloom and blossom. You are the golden rose, you are doomed to bloom!

Train your mind to change

You might comfort yourself saying it’s your laziness that’s blocking you from being your best version but instead it’s the sweet spot of self sabotaging your mind is emersed in. It’s often easy to complain, self loathe, pity and irrespective of It’s vicious cycle, resort to old ways of living.

Train your mind to start things you’ve cultivated a habit of postponing and you ‘ll see the change you wish for.

Dive hard into today

Dive into today, the present moment.

Dwelling in the past did no good to anyone and worrying about future, which isn’t even promised sounds silly. Dive in the present moment with all your might, touch it’s depth. This is the foundation of being calm. Your mind will distract you. Be the master of it. Instruct it consciously and sub consciously that you only need to feel happy and calm. No other emotion allowed. Dive into today to live it to the fullest. Be mindful in spending your moments that’s how you spend your life.

Dive into today and tap into your unfathomable potentials, make your self so happy that no other feeling gets to you. You are already complete. You just need to accept it. Dive into today and accept that this musical is all you have so indulge and dive hard into today!!

The treasure awaits you

The abundant treasure of happiness and fulfilment is right in front of you and key to the treasure is your determination, your will to make space for the abundance, to declutter your mind, heart and home so that these gifts from the universe can be arranged in a beautiful fashion. Nourish your being to always focus on the key to the treasure. Don’t waste time, start right away, don’t get distracted by the nagging of the negativity. Make your space strictly available to the pearls of abundance, of positivity. Have no room for doubt. The treasure is awaits you!

Cherish everyday miracles

Cherishing and expressing gratitude for witnessing everyday miracles is a magically transforming habit which should be practiced without amiss.

A tall cup of your favourite tea or coffee is miracle brewing, taste the miracle and soothe your soul.

A long shower after a tiring day is magic healing the fatigue of your body, mind and spirit.

Laughter of your loved ones, kids, parents, siblings or pets have therapeutic magic on your liveliness.

Feeling the rain droplets, the cool breeze dusts off the sedentary in you and magically uplifts your mood.

The warmth of your blanket, the snuggle of your loved one, the plush of your cushions, the sparkle in your eyes to see beauty is all magic.

Indulge in everyday magic,in everyday miracles, find beauty, express gratitude, Ask the universe to constantly bless you and your family with all the lovely miracles there are!

Illuminate your desires

Whatever you put light on illuminates. Likewise whatever you focus on grows. Always count your blessings. Beleive with your soul that’s it’s journey will be meaningful and happy. Ask with conviction from the universe your deepest desires. Be the vessel you want to complete. With open arms and heart pray for your own happiness. Remember effort is key. For darkness to vanish, you have to have the will to switch on the lights.

You owe nothing to the world!

They say , the world owes you nothing. Well, you my dear return the favour as well.

Repeat after me

* you owe nothing to the world.

* nothing is more important than your mental health.

* peace is all there is, try to incorporate it into the various facets of your life.

And then there are things you owe yourself

* periodic series of nice deep cleansing breaths.

* enjoying mindfully the taste, aroma, texture of your favourite beverage or snack.

* moments just dedicated for you to relax and reflect on what makes you happy.

* long showers ,singing in them too.

* being easy rather than being busy, just a shift of energy, planning and leaving the result to the game of karma.

* emotional intimacy with yourself.

* forgiveness and self healing practice.

And lastly replenishing your soul with all the positivity so that it attracts the abundance of the universe, no one is owing anything to anyone, so you just be, be happy , be peaceful, be easy ,be attractive to your desires as well.

Love and light

Anshika Natani